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SPEAKGAELIC indicates whether the respondent could speak Scottish Gaelic or if Scottish Gaelic was the respondent's language of literacy.

Comparability — Index

United Kingdom

Comparability — General

SPEAKGAELIC is available for countries with Scottish Gaelic speaking populations that made a specific effort to report Scottish Gaelic usage.

For persons speaking Irish Gaelic, see the variable SPEAKIRISH

Comparability — United Kingdom [top]

The 1991 sample includes persons who are able to speak, read, or write in Scottish Gaelic. The 2001 sample identifies persons who are able to speak, read, write, or understand Scottish Gaelic. The unharmonized source variables for the 1991 and 2001 samples retain these distinctions.

The 1971 sample includes an unharmonized source variable indicating whether the person was able to speak Welsh or Gaelic, without identifying them separately. Thus, this sample was not included in SPEAKGAELIC.


  • United Kingdom 1991: Persons age 3+ residing in Scotland
  • United Kingdom 2001: Persons residing in Scotland, excluding non-resident students


  • United Kingdom: 1891b, 1901b, 1991, 2001