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All persons [Questions P01-P20]

[Section II was answered for all persons who selected living in occupied housing units in question I15]

P06. Sex

Is [the respondent] male or female?

[] 1. male
[] 2. female
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Section 2: Population characteristics

Columns (P01) to (P20) -- These should provide particulars of all persons who slept in the household on census night. The questions therefore apply to all persons irrespective of age or sex, except P13 which applies to persons 5 years and above.

Column (P06) -- Sex
97. Ask "Is this person male or female?"
Write '1' for male and '2' for female.

98. It is important that you ask the respondent to specify the sex of a household member before you record it. However, avoid asking the sex of a person where it is obvious. Do not guess from the name and relationship, which sex the person is. You must be careful in dealing with names that are shared by both sexes such as 'Ayo', 'Gina', 'Sao', 'Gbessay', 'Omo', 'Oseh', 'Femi', 'Aina', 'Bola', 'Dowu', 'Remi', 'Tunde', 'Joko','Taiwo', 'Kainde', etc.

99. Be particularly careful to get the sex of very young children right. Don't guess.

100. Note that question on sex also applies to the Special Population Questionnaire. Record the sex of all persons who spent census night in institutions.