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I7. Urban/rural _
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B. How to fill out the structure listing form
Before you start recording details on the inside pages, you should complete information on
the front page of your structure listing form. All the required information should be copied from your EA Description (Geographical Identification Table) attached to the EA map provided.

Urban/Rural Code:

Section 1: Geographical identification

Question I7: Urban/rural:
Enter the Urban/Rural code (provided on your EA map).

G. How to fill the identification table on the questionnaire
1. You will be required to fill in the identification table on all the questionnaires (including the front cover of each book) by writing names and codes of the various census statistical units.

2. The names and codes are to be obtained from the identification table on the EA map (see figure below).

9. In I7, write Urban/Rural (1 digit).