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[Questions P34 - P38: Females age 10 to 54 years]

Particulars of her most recent birth (last 12 months)

P34. Year _ _ _ _

P35. Month _ _

P36. Sex

[] 1 Male
[] 2 Female

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Columns P34 to P38 -- Particulars of [the] most recent live birth (last 12 months)
151. These columns must be completed for all women aged between 10 and 54 years of age for whom live births have been recorded.

152. If each of columns P26 to P33 contains "00", then draw a straight line across P34 to P38.

153. You must record particulars of the last child borne by the woman -- that is, in the last 12 months. You can do that by asking: "Did you bear a child in the last 12 months?" If "Yes", ask for the year and month. Record the year and the month in columns P34 and P35 respectively. If "No", record "00" in each of columns P34 and P35.

154. Some people will not know the exact date on which the last child was born. You must help determine the date and record the answer as accurately as possible. Ask for a birth certificate or an Immunisation card.

155. We are especially interested in those women whose last live birth took place during the year before the census. For births taking place in that year, it is important that you record both the year and the month.

156. Check that the date of birth shown in columns P34 and P35 agrees with the child's age as stated in column P5.