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D. Population aged 12 years or more
[Questions P26-P30.]

Females only (Women aged 12 years or more)
[Questions P27-P30.]

Own births in past 12 months
[Questions P29-P30.]

P29. Live births

How many live births did ____ have during the past 12 months, that is between August 15th, 2001 and August 15th, 2002?

Specify in the appropriate boxes the number of boys born alive and the number of girls born alive, according to the declaration of the interviewee.
If no child were born, write 00 in these boxes

_ _ M [boys]
_ _ F [girls]

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D. Questionnaire designed for persons 12 years old or more

Questions asked to persons of the female sex, of at least 12 years of age (P27 to P30)

The questions going from P27 to P30 aim at knowing:

The fertility of Rwandese women, that is their number of children ever born (P27).
The number of children surviving, that is who are still living (P28).
The number of children born alive during the past 12 months, either still alive or already deceased (P29 and P30).

1. For female children aged less than 12 years, as for all persons of the male sex, the census enumerator will not write anything in P27, P28, P29 and P30.

2. These questions will be asked to all concerned persons in all discretion and privacy.

3. In order to ensure that all questions were asked, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate boxes with zeros "00" if the interviewed person never had any child.

P29: Live births in past 12 months

The census enumerator must ask the woman (or the single mother) aged 12 years or more about the children born alive (over the past 12 months), that is those who are aged less than a year, or children born between August 15, 2001 and August 15, 2002.

Write down the number of male children born alive during this period in box P29M.
Write down the number of female children born alive during this period in box P29F.
Write down (0) in the appropriate boxes if there was no live birth during this period.


If there are children in boxes P29M and P29F, those could be broken down into two categories:

If the child lives in the household, he/she must appear in column P01 of the questionnaire. In this case one must verify that his/her date of birth is written in column P05.
If the child does not live in the household: the child may not reside with his own parents. In this case the census enumerator must write down in the remarks why this little baby does not appear among the household members. The child might have died. in this case this must appear in column P28M or P28F, since these numbers must be smaller than those in P27M and P27F.