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Geographic code:

____ Department

____ Municipality

____ Sector

____ A.E.

____ Block

____ Form number

Urban area:

3. ____ Name of the street or avenue:

4. ____ House number

Rural area:

5. Name of the Colony [Colonia]: ____

6. Name of the Company [CompaƱia]: ____

7. Other type of locality:
____ a) Name:
____ b) Category:

8. ____ House number:
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I. Geographic localization

The geographic localization permits us to establish the location of the dwelling and of the population within the national territory at the date of the census.

The localization will be done by zones: urban and rural.
1. Department: On this line, you should write the name of the department in whose jurisdiction the municipality where you are working is located.
2. Municipality: Write the name of your municipality.

Urban Zone
3. The name of the street or avenue: On this line you should note the name of the street or avenue on which the dwelling is located. Ask if the name that appears on your illustrated map is known by the persons, and if it is not, next write this name and in parenthesis, the name known to the neighbors.

Rural Zone
5. Number of the colony: If the dwelling is situated within the boundaries of a colony, write this in the line for name of colony.

6. Name of the company: If the place in which you are working is within a company, on this line, write the name of this company.

7. Other locality: If the populated place is within a colony or company or outside of them, and has a particular name by which it is known, in a) write this name and in b), the category that the inhabitants assign it: station, rest area, ranch, etc.