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Product sold, historical


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.

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PRODUCT is the UN Central Product Classification Version 1.1 for the product sold by retail workers.

Retail workers are workers with an OCCHISCO code in major group 4.

The syntax files for the PRODUCT variable abbreviate the descriptions of the groups. Please consult the following table for the full definition.

000Agriculture, forestry and fishery products
010Products of agriculture, horticulture and market gardening
013Fruit and nuts
014Oil seeds and oleaginous fruit
015Living plants, cut flowers and flower buds, flower seeds and fruit seeds, vegetable seeds
016Beverages and spice crops
017Unmanufactured tobacco
018Plants used for sugar manufacturing
019Raw vegetable materials n.e.c.
020Live animals and animal products
021Live animals
029Other animal products
030Forestry and logging products
031Wood in the rough
032Natural gums
039Other forestry products
040Fish and other fishing products
041Fishes, live, fresh or chilled
042Crustaceans, not frozen, oysters, other aquatic invertebrates, live, fresh or chilled
049Other aquatic animals
100Ores and minerals, electricity, gas and water
110Coal and lignite, peat
120Crude petroleum and natural gas
130Uranium and thorium ores and concentrates
140Metal ores
141Iron ores and concentrates, other than roasted iron pyrites
142Non-ferrous metal ores and concentrates (other than uranium or thorium ores and concentrates)
150Stone, sand and clay
151Monumental or building stone
152Gypsum, anhydrite, limestone flux, limestone and other calcareous stone, of a kind used for the manufacture of lime or cement
153Sands, pebbles, gravel, broken or crushed stone, natural bitumen and asphalt
160Other minerals
161Chemical and fertilizer minerals
162Salt and pure sodium chloride, sea water
163Precious and semi-precious stones, pumice stone, emery, natural abrasives, other minerals
170Electricity, town gas, steam and hot water
171Electrical energy
172Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases, other than petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons
173Steam and hot water
180Natural water
200Food products, beverages and tobacco, textiles, apparel and leather products
210Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats
211Meat and meat products
212Prepared and preserved fish
213Prepared and preserved vegetables
214Fruit juices and vegetable juices
215Prepared and preserved fruit and nuts
216Animal and vegetable oils and fats
217Cotton linters
218Oil-cake and other residues resulting from the extraction of vegetable fats or oils, flours and meals of oil seeds or oleaginous fruits, except those of mustard, vegetable waxes, except triglycerides, degras, residues resulting from the treatment of fatty...
220Dairy products
221Processed liquid milk and cream
229Other dairy products
230Grain mill products, starches and starch products, other food products
231Grain mill products
232Starches and starch products, sugars and sugar syrups n.e.c.
233Preparations used in animal feeding
234Bakery products
236Cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
237Macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
239Food products n.e.c.
241Ethyl alcohol, spirits, liqueurs and other spirituous beverages
243Malt liquors and malt
244Soft drinks, bottled mineral waters
250Tobacco products
250Tobacco products
260Yarn and thread, woven and tufted textile fabrics
261Natural textile fibres prepared for spinning
262Man-made textile staple fibres processed for spinning
263Textile yarn and thread of natural fibres
264Textile yarn and thread of man-made filaments or staple fibres
265Woven fabrics (except special fabrics) of natural fibres other than cotton
266Woven fabrics (except special fabrics) of cotton
267Woven fabrics (except special fabrics) of man-made filaments and staple fibres
268Special fabrics
270Textile articles other than apparel
271Made-up textile articles
272Carpets and other textile floor coverings
273Twine, cordage, ropes and cables and articles thereof (including netting)
279Textiles n.e.c.
280Knitted or crocheted fabrics, wearing apparel
281Knitted or crocheted fabrics
282Wearing apparel, except fur apparel
283Tanned or dressed furskins and artificial fur, articles thereof (except headgear)
290Leather and leather products, footwear
291Tanned or dressed leather, composition leather
292Luggage, handbags and the like, saddlery and harness, other articles of leather
293Footwear, with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics, or with uppers of leather or textile materials, other than sports footwear, footwear incorporating a protective metal toe- cap and miscellaneous special footwear
294Sports footwear, except skating boots
295Other footwear, except asbestos footwear, orthopaedic footwear and skating boots
296Parts of footwear, removable in-soles, heel cushions and similar articles, gaiters, leggings and similar articles, and parts thereof
300Other transportable goods, except metal products, machinery and equipment
310Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials
311Wood, sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, of a thickness exceeding 6 mm, railway or tramway sleepers (cross-ties) of wood, not impregnated
312Wood continuously shaped along any of its edges or faces, wood wool, wood flour, wood in chips or particles
313Wood in the rough, treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives, railway or tramway sleepers (cross-ties) of wood, impregnated
314Boards and panels
315Veneer sheets, sheets for plywood, densified wood
316Builders' joinery and carpentry of wood (including cellular wood panels, assembled parquet panels, shingles and shakes)
317Packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings, of wood, cable-drums of wood, pallets, box pallets and other load boards, of wood, casks, barrels, vats, tubs and other coopers' products and parts thereof, of wood (including staves)
319Other products of wood, articles of cork, plaiting materials and straw
320Pulp, paper and paper products, printed matter and related articles
321Pulp, paper and paperboard
322Books, brochures and leaflets (except advertising material) printed, printed maps, music, printed or in manuscript
323Newspapers, journals and periodicals, appearing at least four times a week
324Newspapers, journals and periodicals, appearing less than four times a week
325Stamps, cheque forms, banknotes, stock certificates, postcards, greeting cards, advertising material, pictures and other printed matter
326Registers, account books, note books, letter pads, diaries and similar articles, blotting-pads, blinders, file covers, forms and other articles of stationery, of paper or paperboard
327Composed type, prepared printing plates or cylinders, impressed lithographic stones or other impressed media for use in printing
330Coke oven products, refined petroleum products, nuclear fuel
331Coke and semi-coke of coal, of lignite or of peat, retort carbon
332Tar distilled from coal, from lignite or from peat, and other mineral tars
333Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous materials, other than crude, preparations n.e.c. containing by weight 70% or more of these oils, such oils being the basic constituents of the preparations
334Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons, except natural gas
335Petroleum jelly, paraffin wax, micro- crystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, peat wax, other mineral waxes, and similar products, petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen and other residues of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bitumi...
336Radioactive elements and isotopes and compounds, alloys, dispersions, ceramic products and mixtures containing these elements, isotopes or compounds, radioactive residues
337Fuel elements (cartridges), for or of nuclear reactors
340Basic chemicals
341Basic organic chemicals
342Basic inorganic chemicals n.e.c.
343Tanning or dyeing extracts, tannins and their derivatives, colouring matter n.e.c.
344Activated natural mineral products, animal black, tall oil, terpenic oils produced by the treatment of coniferous woods, crude dipentene, crude para-cymene, pine oil, rosin and resin acids, and derivatives thereof, rosin spirit and rosin oils, rum gums, w...
345Miscellaneous basic chemical products
346Fertilizers and pesticides
347Plastics in primary forms
348Synthetic rubber and factice derived from oils, and mixtures thereof with natural rubber and similar natural gums, in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip
350Other chemical products, man-made fibres
351Paints and varnishes and related products, artists' colours, ink
352Pharmaceutical products
353Soap, cleaning preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations
354Chemical products n.e.c.
355Man-made fibres
360Rubber and plastics products
361Rubber tyres and tubes
362Other rubber products
363Semi-manufactures of plastics
364Packaging products of plastics
369Other plastics products
370Glass and glass products and other non-metallic products n.e.c.
371Glass and glass products
372Non-structural ceramic ware
373Refractory products and structural non-refractory clay products
374Cement, lime and plaster
375Articles of concrete, cement and plaster
376Monumental or building stone and articles thereof
379Other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
380Furniture, other transportable goods n.e.c.
382Jewellery and related articles
383Musical instruments
384Sports goods
385Games and toys
386Roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements
387Prefabricated buildings
389Other manufactured articles n.e.c.
390Wastes or scraps
391Wastes from food and tobacco industry
392Non-metal wastes or scraps
393Metal wastes or scraps
400Metal products, machinery and equipment
410Basic metals
411Basic iron and steel
412Rolled, drawn and folded products of iron and steel
413Basic precious metals and metals clad with precious metals
414Copper, nickel, aluminium, alumina, lead, zinc and tin, unwrought
415Semi-finished products of copper, nickel, aluminium, lead, zinc and tin or their alloys
416Other non-ferrous metals and articles thereof (including waste and scrap), cermets and articles thereof, ash and residue (except from the manufacture of iron or steel), containing metals or metallic compounds
420Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
421Structural metal products and parts thereof
422Tanks, reservoirs and containers of iron, steel or aluminium
423Steam generators, (except central heating boilers) and parts thereof
429Other fabricated metal products
430General purpose machinery
431Engines and turbines and parts thereof
432Pumps, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic power engines, and valves, and parts thereof
433Bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements, and parts thereof
434Ovens and furnace burners and parts thereof
435Lifting and handling equipment and parts thereof
439Other general purpose machinery and parts thereof
440Special purpose machinery
441Agricultural or forestry machinery and parts thereof
442Machine-tools and parts and accessories thereof
443Machinery for metallurgy and parts thereof
444Machinery for mining, quarrying and construction, and parts thereof
445Machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing, and parts thereof
446Machinery for textile, apparel and leather production, and parts thereof
447Weapons and ammunition and parts thereof
448Domestic appliances and parts thereof
449Other special purpose machinery and parts thereof
450Office, accounting and computing machinery
451Office and accounting machinery, and parts and accessories thereof
452Computing machinery and parts and accessories thereof
460Electrical machinery and apparatus
461Electric motors, generators and transformers, and parts thereof
462Electricity distribution and control apparatus, and parts thereof
463Insulated wire and cable, optical fibre cables
464Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries, and parts thereof
465Electric filament or discharge lamps, arc lamps, lighting equipment, parts thereof
469Other electrical equipment and parts thereof
470Radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus
471Electronic valves and tubes, electronic components, parts thereof
472Television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony or telegraphy, parts and accessories thereof
473Radio broadcast and television receivers, apparatus for sound and video recording and reproducing, microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, etc., reception apparatus for radio-telephony or radio- telegraphy
474Parts for the goods of classes 4721 to 4733 and 4822
475Audio and video records and tapes
476Cards with magnetic strips or chip
480Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks
481Medical and surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances
482Instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other purposes, except optical instruments, industrial process control equipment, parts and accessories thereof
483Optical instruments and photographic equipment, and parts and accessories thereof
484Watches and clocks, and parts thereof
490Transport equipment
491Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, parts and accessories thereof
492Bodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, parts and accessories thereof
494Pleasure and sporting boats
495Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock, and parts thereof
496Aircraft and spacecraft, and parts thereof
499Other transport equipment and parts thereof
500General dealer
510General merchant
520Commission merchant
530Second hand dealer
540Dry goods
550Provision merchant

Note that in no country did enumerator instructions explicitly require that information on products sold be collected, though all countries made general statements to the effect of collecting sufficient detail about occupations.

Comparability — General

PRODUCT is currently only available in the Norway datasets and Iceland 1801.

For Iceland 1801, there are only four broad categories in this sample. There are not as many detailed categories as found in the Norwegian datasets.

Users should note that we have created several additional codes, because of the limitations of using late twentieth century classifications with late nineteenth century data. These additional codes are

210General food retailing (grocery)
500General dealer
510General merchant
520Commission merchant
530Second hand dealer
540Dry goods
550Provision merchant

Notwithstanding that we had to create additional codes, the nineteenth century data was readily coded into this classification system. The consistent interpretive challenge was to reconcile the greater generality of retail and wholesale trade descriptions with the more specific codes that the UN Central Product Classification (CPC) has for economic activity.

Further information about the CPC is available at the UN Statistics Division website. Note that we have not classified service workers into the CPC, and have no plans to do so, as the structure of the service sector in the late nineteenth century was not as diverse as it is now. Users may readily infer services from occupational titles, particularly workers with an OCCHISCO code in major groups 0-5 inclusive.


No universe descriptions are currently available.


  • Iceland: 1801
  • Norway: 1865, 1875, 1900, 1910