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20. Were you employed during the reference week as (concerns the week from May 13th to 19th):
[] 1 Full-time paid-employee
[] 2 Part-time paid-employee
[] 3 Employer
[] 4 Own-account worker (without employees)
[] 5 Agent (in all kind of agencies)
[] 6 Members of agricultural production co-operative
[] 7 Contributing family worker
[] 8 Clergyman/woman
22. What is the main kind of economic activity of the company (institution) in which you have main job?
You may also give the name of a company/institution: ____
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Question 20. Were you employed during the reference week (13th to 19th May 2002) as... [p. 39]

Answer 1 or 2 concerns employees. They are:
Persons employed on the basis of a job contract (also if the payment is in kind)

Persons working on commission or employed on the basis of order agreement,

Persons doing the home employment,

Students who are being trained for the profession if they receive an income.
Full-time paid-employee (answer 1)-- a person who works full-time, but the number of hours worked a week depends on the regulations concerning a profession

Full-time paid-employees are also workers who work shorter than the typical number of hours due to special legal regulations (e.g. concerning work in a toxic surrounding) or persons serving in the army on a compulsory basis.
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If a work was done on the basis of order agreement, commission or was home employment a person working full time is a person who worked at least 36 hours in a reference week (13th to 19th May 2002).

A person helping in a family business or working in a family farm can also be classified as an employee.

Answer 3. employer means a person running his/her own business either in agriculture or not, registered or not who employs workers on the basis of permanent job contract.

If a married couple or relatives run the business together only one of the persons can be classified as an employer, the others should be classified as own-account workers. (not employing people) or contributing family workers.

Answer 5. agent (in all kinds of agencies) concerns persons who work on the basis of agency contract/agreement or who run an outpost on the basis of order agreement. The persons employed by an agent are classified as employees regardless the legal form of their job contract.

Answer 7. contributing family worker concerns persons who live in the same household and help in family business (also in agriculture) without being paid.

Question 22. What is the main kind of economic activity of the company (institution) in which you have main job? [p. 40-41]

1. If a company a respondent runs an economic activity a field or kind of the activity should be given.

2. Describing the kind of economic activity no general terms such as: plant, workshop, office, service point etc. should be given. The correct answer should indicate exactly what the company produces or what services the company offers e.g. shoe production, food processing, producer of building machinery, car fixing, primary school, kindergarten, council office etc. The name of the company or the abbreviation of the name should be given only in case of the companies that are not local and commonly known such as Poczta Polska (Polish Post Office), PKP (national Railway Company), LOT (Polish Airlines). The terms such as building-service company and in case of such answer an enumerator should try to find out if the main activity of the company is the one regarding building or services. The following abbreviations can be used: przeds. (company), spoldz. (society), prod. (production), gosp. (farm).

3. For persons working in agriculture the kind of agricultural activity should be listed e.g. cultivation, cattle breeding, animal husbandry etc. In case of farmers being engaged in cultivation and breeding animals at the same time the answer ?mixed farming should be given. The same term should also refer to persons employed in an individual agricultural farm or an agricultural yard.

4. For clerics the answer ?ministry should be given.

5. In case of soldiers and persons serving in the army on compulsory basis the answer national defense should be given.

6. Policemen, agents of Government Protection Bureau, frontier guards the answer public safety should be given for persons working in prisons-- judicature, for civil servants of the Ministry of National Defense and the agents (UOP) -- public administration.