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[Questions 4-14 were asked of all persons who stayed in the residence last night.]

5. Sex

Write 'M' (male) or 'F' (female) ____
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Section 6 - The census questions

Parts A and B - Urban and RNVs - Questions 1 to 5
Your job as an interviewer to find out and write down on the census form the names of

(i) All people who usually live at the dwelling. Make sure you probe for any old people living in the dwelling (grandparents etc.), any young babies, any adopted children.
(ii) Any people who are visiting the dwelling. This could be people who are only staying a few days; on the other hand they may have been there a few months already.
Note: For the census we do not wish to define a visitor. If a person says he is a visitor, put him/her in the visitors section.
(iii) Any people who slept at the dwelling the night before you are interviewing there

You write down the names of these people in the answer boxes for Ql.

Question 5 - Sex
Write 'M' for male, 'F' for female.
Usually there is no need to ask this question. It is usually obvious whether someone is male or female.
Do not complete this question until you have asked question 4.
Do not fill out question 5 as you ask Question 1 and Question 2.

Part C - Rural Villages

Questions 1 to 5

Question 5 - Sex
Write 'M' for male, 'F' for female.
Copy Sex from the Family Record Card.
However, check by looking at the people and the relationship given for them. It is sometimes written wrongly on the Family Record Card,
Do not ask older people, you can see, though you may need to ask the sex of babies and small children.