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38. State or country where [the respondent] works
In this state or country?
[Circle one code or write the name]

[] 1 Here, in this state
[] In another state ________ [record the state]

[] 3 In the United States of America
[] In another country ________ [record the country]
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37. Municipality of work and 38. State of country or work
These questions identify the municipality, state, or country to which people commute on a daily basis.

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For question 37 "Municipality of work" circle code 1 when the workplace is in the same municipality of the interview and go to question 39 "Commute time to work". Instead, if the workplace is in a municipality or delegation different from the place of the interview, write it on the line.

If the informant mentions that he/she works in another country, circle code 3 in "Municipality of work" and continue with question 38 "State of country or work".

In state or country of work, circle code 1 if the person works in the same state or circle 3 if the person works in the United States. If the answer is another state or country, write the name in the corresponding line.

If the answer is the name of a city, colony, or locality, ask for which municipality it belongs, register it and continue with question 38 "State of country or work".

When you not get accurate information record the exact information provided by the informant without using abbreviations. Additionally, write on the corresponding line "Does not know" if the person does not know in which municipality, state, or country he/she works.

Ask for the state or country even when the informant says he/she does not know the name of municipality.

People who work at home are recorded in option 1 "Here in this municipality or township"; for example, if the person has a shop or workshop in the house, if the persons washed or fixed other people's clothes, prepared food to sell, among others.

If the person says that the workplace is in Mexico or in the City of Mexico, ask whether he/she refers to the Federal District or the State of Mexico and register it.

When the answer is that the person has no fixed municipality to work because he/she travel through different municipalities, consider the municipality visited most frequently and write it down.