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3.2 Sex
(Name) is a man
(Name) is a woman
Mark a single answer
[] 1 Man
[] 2 Woman

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Questions 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 are asked to all people whatever their age.

3.2 Sex

With this question the biological sex of people is identified.

If by the name of a person you know that it is a man or a woman, or if you asking the information about the informant, do not ask the question, only mention the name of the person and the sex it corresponds to, as a way of confirmation.

[p. 71]

If a name is not common (Andárani, Yuritzi, Erubey, Éder, among others) or is used both for man and for woman (Guadalupe, Rosario, Inés, Asunción, Refugio, Concepción, Trinidad or others), ask making reference to the name.