Questionnaire Text

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This is the [ __ ] form of [ __ ] used to take the census of this dwelling.

State or federal entity ____ [ _ _ _ ]
Municipality or delegation ____ [ _ _ _ ]
Code of AGEB [ _ _ - ]
Page in the packet [ _ _ _ ]

Page of the dwelling [ _ _ ]
Location [ _ _ _ _ ]
Block number [ _ _ _ ]
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The dwelling

How to identify it and how to note its characteristics

Location of the dwelling

Before you begin your interviews, check that all of the documents have the following information:

State or Federal Entity State of Mexico [15]
Municipality or delegation Village of Guerrero [113]
AGEB code 009 - 1
Page in the package _ _ _
Page of the dwelling _ _
Location Zacango [ 0031 ]
Block number _ _ _

Do not fill in the spaces for "Page of the Package" and "Page of the Dwelling."

Identify all of your questionnaires by writing your complete name and the name of you Enumerator Supervisor on them.

Name of the Enumerator Supervisor Raul Perez Lopez
Name of the enumerator Pablo Solis Gomez

When you arrive at the dwelling and after introducing yourself, ask the informant for the address of the dwelling: name of the street, exterior number and interior number. If the dwelling does not have a number, write S/N [no number] in the corresponding space.

If the dwelling in on a street that does not have a name or a number, ask the informant for the name of the head of household (male or female), write the name in the space that corresponds to the address and then write known address.

Address of the dwelling
Arturo Fernandez (known address)
Street, avenue, alleyway, highway, road