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2000 Housing Census - Mauritius

I. Location

C01. Geographical district _ _

C02. Municipal ward / village council area _ _

C03. Enumeration area _ _

C04. Urban / semi-urban / rural _

C05. Census district _ _

C06. Locality _ _

C07. Block number _ _

C08. Building enumeration number _ _ _

C09. Number of housing units in building _ _

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6.2 The enumeration book cover

6.2.1 Location characteristics of EA
The location characteristics of the EA have to be entered on the book cover before you start entering data in the book. The location codes for Geographical District (2 digits), the Municipal Ward or Village Council Area (2 digits), the Enumeration Area within a MW/VCA (2 digits), the Urban/Semi-urban/Rural identification (1 Digit), and the Census District (2 digits) all appear on your individual EA map. Insert the codes in the boxes provided. Also write the name of the Geographical District and the Municipal Ward or Village Council Area using abbreviations if necessary.

6.3 The Housing Census questionnaire

6.3.1 Location (section I of questionnaire)
(i) C01-C05: Geographical characteristics. The first five items (C01-C05) of the section on location are the same as those on the book cover. These items uniquely identify an EA, and since all information in one book is for one and the same EA, do not enter the codes on each individual questionnaire in the book, but make sure you have entered them on the book cover. Hence the boxes for items C01 to C05 should be left empty.
(ii) C06: Locality. Write on the dotted line the name of the locality being enumerated. There is no legal boundary for localities, and whenever in doubt, you must enquire from the inhabitants of the area. Note that a locality may fall in two districts, or in two Municipal Wards/Village Council Areas, or partly in a Municipal Ward and partly in a Village Council Area. Nothing should be written in the boxes against this item: the locality code will be inserted in the office.
(iii) C07: Block No . This is the 2-digit number you have ascribed to the particular block of the EA in which you are working (see section 4.6.3). Write this number in the boxes provided.
(iv) C08: Building Enumeration No. Write in the boxes the 3-digit number you have assigned to the building (see section 5.2.3). Please note that the Block No. and the Building No. are entered separately on the questionnaire, although on the building you separate them by a slash. Remember that for institutions, establishments and public buildings, only the main building is enumerated (section 5.2.4), and that no questionnaires should be filled in for the other buildings numbered with a subscript. However, in such cases write the building numbers on the dotted line against C08, thus [125,125(1)-125(4)], and insert only the number for the main building (namely 125) in the boxes.
(v) C09: No. of housing units in building. This information should be entered in the boxes provided after all housing units in the building have been enumerated. Two-digit numbers should be used, so that if there is only one housing unit in the building the entry will be 01.
If the building has no housing unit, or if it is under construction and not inhabited, enter 00 in the boxes, and write a brief description of the building on the dotted line, eg. school, detached room, tailor?s shop, under construction. Enter 00 also in the case of a homeless person.
If there are more than 99 housing units in one building, consult your supervisor.