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In strict confidence
Ministry of Economic Planning and Development
Central Statistical Office

Population Census

Night of 1-2 July 1990

For persons aged 12 years and over:

24 Type of activity ____

How many hours in all did the person work for pay, profit or family gain during the past week from Monday 25 June to Sunday 1 July 1990?
Include self-employment with or without employees; work without pay in a family enterprise or farm, but exclude housework in your own home.
If worked for less than 1 hour during the whole week, enter 00 and continue with col. 25.
Otherwise, enter number of hours (to the nearest hour) and go to col. 29.
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Stop at column 18 for children under 2 years of age
Note that columns 19-21 are for persons aged 2 years and over

Column 24
Hours worked during the past week
For the purposes of the Census, work is defined as any work except volunteer work and housework in the person's own home. It includes:

(i) work done for wages, salaries, commissions, fees, and piece-rate payments;
(ii) work done for payment in kind, e.g. services rendered by a member of a religious order who is provided with lodging or food or other supplies;
(iii) work done by a self-employed person (alone or in partnership} in his/her own enterprise, trade, business, farm or professional practice, whether alone or with employees;
(iv) work done without pay in a family enterprise, plantation or farm owned by a member of the same household or another relative;
(v) work done by apprentices, whether paid or unpaid.

For every person aged 12 years or over, indicate the number of hours worked for pay, profit or fami1y gain during the past week, from Monday 25 June to Sunday l July. You should include any time spent on activities such as shopkeeping; growing vegetables, or other crops; livestock or poultry keeping; fishing; making and repairing fishing boats, nets and basket traps; curing and preserving fish and octopus; making baskets, hats, mats and bags; making handicraft products; preparing food products like 'dholl puree' for sale; construction and repair of own dwelling and buildings used for agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes; keeping tea shops; street vending, etc.

Insert the actual number of hours worked by the person, irrespective of whether it is less or more than his/her normal hours of work per week. If the person did not work during the past week for any reason whatsoever, or if he/she worked for less than one hour, write '00'.

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If the person did several kinds of work, Insert the total number of hours worked at all jobs. For example, if, during the past week, a person worked for 36 hours as teacher, 6 hours giving private tuition, and another 7 hours assisting in the family shop, write '49 hours'.

Report also the number of hours, if any, worked during the past week, by a student, an old age pensioner or a worker retired from a previous employment.

Skip to column 29 if person worked for one or more hours