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Same place 5 years ago, South Africa

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MIGPLCZA indicates whether the person lived in the same location five years prior to the census.

Comparability — General

The definition of movers differs between samples. In 2001 the variable identifies moves between localities: small places such as a "suburb, ward, village, farm, or informal settlement." In 2007 movers are those who changed dwellings, even if they stayed in the same locality. The 2016 variable asks the usual place of residence with reference city, town, traditional area, village, or township.

The time frame for 2007 is actually 5 years and 4 months.


  • South Africa 2001: Persons age 5+
  • South Africa 2007: Persons in private households age 5+
  • South Africa 2016: Persons age 5+ with usual residence in South Africa


  • South Africa: 2001, 2007, 2016