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Myanmar 2014
Myanmar 2014 — source variable MM2014A_DISTPREV — Previous district of residence
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For all members of the household (1 through 18)
[Question 1 through 18 were asked of all persons living in the household.]

Place of previous usual residence

17. Township_ _ _

If born here write "000". If not write township code, enter code from manual.
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Questions 17 and 18: Place of previous usual residence

162. Ask "where was [the respondent] previously living before moving to current usual place of residence? This question aims to establish how people have moved within the country. The question intends to capture the last previous place of usual residence. If the place of (last) previous residence is here (here = township of enumeration) write "000". Many persons stay in the same township. If not, write the township 3-digit code or if abroad the country of previous residence using the code list provided. Mark urban or rural in question 19 as appropriate and inquire the same to the respondent whose previous residence is abroad.

For persons aged between 00 and 04 years (below 5 years old) the remaining parts of the questionnaire are not applicable hence their information ends here. The remaining questions should be left blank for children below 5 years of age.