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Zimbabwe 2012
Zimbabwe 2012 — source variable ZW2012A_RES10YR3 — District or country of residence 10 years ago
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B- For all persons
[Question 1 to 7 were asked of all persons]

8. Where was (the respondent) living (last census year) in August 2002?

Enter district or country code.

[Question asked only of persons 10 years and above]

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Section B: For all Persons
Begin by saying, "I would like information on ALL people who stayed at this household on the census night. This information is on the names of the persons, their relationship to head of household, their age and sex, survivorship of their parents etc. It is important that you give me as accurate information as possible about each person".

Q8 Usual residence during last Census in August 2002
This question applies to persons age 10 years and above. Enter census district code if usual place of residence last census was in Zimbabwe or country code if the person was out of the country during the last census. The codes are in Appendix 2 of this manual.

Please note that this does not necessarily mean the place where the person was counted but the usual place of residence. Those who were temporarily absent for such reasons as visiting relatives, or in hospital, or overseas for less than one year should be shown where they usually lived 10 years ago. For not known record code 999.