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Philippines 2000
Philippines 2000 — source variable PH2000A_PROV10YR — Province of residence 10 years ago
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For Persons 10 Years Old and Over

P24. Residence 10 years ago

In what city/municipality did [respondent] reside on May 1, 1990?
_ _ _ _ Province /City/Municipality
0007 Foreign Country
0008 Same City/Municipality
0009 Unknown

If another city/municipality, specify city/municipality and province (Please see code book)
_ _ _ _ Province /City/Municipality
___ City/Municipality
___ Province

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P24 Residence 10 years ago

The question on residence 10 years ago pertains to the place where a person was residing 10 years ago. Data on this are collected to fill the missing information on migration between 1990 and 1995.

Ask the question in P24: "In what city/municipality did ______ reside on May 1, 1990?". Enter code 0008 in P24 if the person's residence 10 years ago is the same as his present residence. However, if his residence 10 years ago was in another city/municipality, write the name of the city/municipality and province on the space provided.

For those whose residence 10 years ago was in a foreign country, enter code 0007 in the code box.

If the respondent does not know the residence of the members of the household 10 years ago, ask the person himself about his residence 10 years ago. However, if the person cannot recall the name of the city/municipality and province where he lived 10 years ago after exhaustive probing, enter code 0009 for unknown in the code box.

Complete names of provinces should be written when provinces like llocos, Negros, Davao and Bicol were provided. Ask the respondents whether, they mean llocos Norte or llocos Sur, Negros Oriental or Occidental, Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte or Davao Oriental and what particular province in the Bicol Region.

In cases where the respondent knows only the province where the member resided ten years ago, enter appropriate code of the province in the first two code boxes and code 99 for the last two boxes.

Filling Up Questions P20 to P24 of CPH Form 3: An Example

The illustration below shows the same household of Ismael Santiago.
Among the household members, only Carlito attended school from June 1999 to March 2000. He attended a private school in their city.