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Vietnam 1999
Vietnam 1999 — source variable VN1999A_DIEDDAUS — Daughters died from last birth
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Women born 4/1949 to 3/1984 (aged 15-49 years old) answer following questions:

20. About the last live birth:

c. Are they still living now?

_ (No. of ) sons died
_ (No. of) daughters died

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Questions 19 and 20: For women who were born between April 1949 and March 1984 only (15 to 49 years old) (For women who were born in 1949 and 1984, if the month of birth "**" code in Question 4 cannot be verified, the following questions must also be asked):

Because the subjects are women, the investigator in the sample areas must select women (preferably those who have been married)

Question 20: The last time the subject gave birth
Only ask this question of women whose total number of children is other than "00", recorded in 19.d.

The last childbirth (also referred to as "the most recent childbirth") of the subject is the birth closest to the time of the investigation, and is one live birth (or more than one, if twins or triplets), regardless of whether that child is alive at the time of the investigation.
If a woman who gave birth for the first time, it is also "the most recent childbirth".

20.c) Are the children currently alive?
In the appropriate box, the investigator writes down the most recent childbirth that died before the investigation. For example, a woman reports that she gave birth to boy and girl twins in the most recent childbirth, but the boy died at three months, and only the girl is currently alive, the record should show: [An example has been omitted.]