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E. For women, aged 15 to 49 years
Ask woman that are present at enumeration
[Questions 18-20 were asked of present women age 15 to 49].

20. Number of live births last 12 months

_ Male
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Section E: For women aged 15 - 49 years
The purpose of questions 18 -- 20 is to collect information for estimating fertility and infant and child mortality, preferably directly from the woman concerned.
Information on live births (fertility) should be obtained for all women aged 15 to 49 years. For all others, i.e. for women less than 15 years and those more than 49 years and all males, use the tick-box for alternative "9" in question 18, and leave the rest blank.
Information should be requested of all women 15-49 years, irrespective of their marital status or whether you think they have borne children or not. Efforts should be made to get responses from the women themselves and permission to do so should be obtained from the head of household. If the woman concerned is not present, someone else - preferably the head of household - should be used to answer the questions.
Definition of live birth: A child born alive is one who cries after being born. Thus, a live birth is a birth which results in a child that shows any sign of life irrespective of the time of period within which these signs are manifest.

Question 20: How many live births have you/name had during the last 12 months?
Make the appropriate entries under columns for males and females. Write "9" for not known (very rare cases)
Check the consistency with question 18.