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6. Vocational or non-vocational status

[These questions are asked of individuals aged 15 years and over]

6.2 During the week of October 2nd - October 8th, did you have a job from which you were absent?

For example, due to illness, vacation, temporary layoff fund (Cassa Integrazione Guadagni), reductions in business activity, etc.

[] 1 Yes [skip to question 6.6]
[] 2 No
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Section II - Information about regular inhabitants of the dwellings

Question 6.2
Check Box 1 ("Yes") if you have a job you were absent from for one of the following reasons during the week from October 02nd-08th: holiday, leave of absence, maternity/paternity leave, reduction in business activity, illness, holiday, CIG (cassa integrazione guadagni, temporary state layoff fund), etc. This question gathers information about job continuity and the degree of formal attachment to the job in terms of absences and salaries earned.

Employees on leave are considered to be employed if they are absent for less than three months or if they continue to receive at least 50% of their salary during their absence. Exceptions include employees on (mandatory) maternity leave or (optional) parental leave. Self-employed individuals who are absent from work (except for family workers) are considered to be employed if their business activity continues during their absence. Family workers are considered to be employed if their absence lasts less than three months.