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Questions 10-16 for those whose residence status is present or temporarily absent

For persons who answered yes to question 11
12. Length of residence in the same city or village in full years _ _

For those living in another Shahrestan sub-province from question 14
15. Name of the Shahrestan (sub-province) of the previous residence, for abroad name of country ____

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Column 11 -16, moving status -General description

Fill this columns if code 1 or 2 is checked in column 8, and leave it blank for the. This column is left blank for conventional unsettled households.
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Column 11 -Has the individual changed city or settlement of residence since October 23, 2006 [last census]?
This column documents whether or not individual has changed city or settlement of residence. Leave it blank for those who moved within the same city or settlement.
Column 12 -16, General description
If "yes" is checked in column 11, fill columns 12 -16 but leave them blank for the rest of members. If the individual has moved several times since the last census, fill these columns for the latest move.
Column 15 -name of the county of previous residence [if abroad, write the country]
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Fill this column for individuals with codes 3, 4, or 5 in column 14, and leave it blank for the rest. If codes 3 or 4 is in column 14, write the name of the previous county of residence [based on the latest administrative divisions of Iran], and if code 5 is in column 14, write the name of the foreign country. If the respondent does not know name of the county but those of district and/or city, use tables in the addendum to find it.