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Activity and marital status - For people aged 10 and over

23. Activity status during the last 7 days

[] 1 Worked during the last 7 days
[] 2 Unpaid work in the household business
[] 3 Temporarily absent from work
[] 4 Did not work during the last 7 days
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Column 23 -30, Employment and marital status -General description

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Fill these columns for individual 10-year or older.
Column 23 -Employment status in the past 7 days

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Employment includes business activities performed either physically or mentally to manufacture merchandise or provide service in return for cash or in-kind income. Employees are divided into paid-employees and own- account workers.
Activities of the following individuals are considered employment:
? Conscription
? Individuals paid to serve in Basij militia [Organization for Mobilization of Oppressed]
? Individuals manufacturing goods or providing services e.g. carpet weaving, sewing, hair-dressing, private tutoring, typing, electronics repair, elderly/baby-sitting, etc. in places of residence to generate income.
? Individuals manufacturing durable goods for own or their households use e.g. carpet weaving, Kilim tapestry, sewing, etc.
? Individuals who are building or remodeling their own place of residence.
? Interns who are directly involved with manufacturing goods or providing services at workplaces whether or not they are paid.
? Individuals involved with farming, horticulture, livestock, animal husbandry, fishing, etc.
Ask specific questions about the status of employment for each household member over 10-year old. Do not automatically consider housewives and students unemployed.
Code 1, worked 7 out of 7 days
? Whether or not this period of individual's work activity involved usual employment.
Code 2, worked unpaid for family business
These individuals are commonly women and adolescents who work in family businesses such as animal farming, carpet weaving, etc. Check code 2 if the individual worked this type of job at least one hour in the past 7 days.
In rural area adolescents and women are involved with activities such as farming. If a household member helped with such activities at least one hour in the past 7 days, consider that person employed.
Code 3, employed but temporarily absent from work in the past 7 days
Code 3 is applied if the absence from work is due to vacation, travel, seasonal nature of the job, shift-work, etc. but the worker is definitely returns to the same job.
[] If individuals are paid workers then should have contract to guarantee their return to work. The absences is authorized based on the conditions and regulations of employment and they are usually paid partially or in full during their absence.
[] If individuals are own- account workers, the business should have continuity in order for the individual to return to activity again.
? Own-account farmers who have not worked in the past 7 days due to seasonal nature of the job.
? Individuals who have not gone to work in the past 7 days due to shift-work or alternate work schedule.
? Individuals who were absent from work in the past 7 days due to sickness, travel, vacation, holidays, etc.
? Individuals who have not gone to work due to temporary organizational changes, failure of equipment, lack of customer or work order.
? Individuals on administrative leave or suspension but still have valid contracts.
Check code 2 for unpaid family workers if have worked at least one hour in the past 7 days. Do not consider the individual temporarily absent if he has not worked at all in the past 7 days, therefore do not check 3 but check code 4.
Code 4, has not worked in the past 7 days
For individuals who have not worked in the past 7 days, and are not unpaid family worker neither temporarily absent, check code 4. The following activities are not considered employment:
? Unpaid activities at home done for the household, e.g. cooking, housekeeping, raising children, etc., namely activities commonly done by women.
? Volunteer work in charities and Basij.
? Minor repairs of residences such changing faucet, window frame and glass, and repair of appliances.
?Investment in stock market or businesses without participation in operation or management.
If codes 1 - 3 are checked columns 24 - 25 should be left blank and columns 26 - 29 should be completed.