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Residential status

55. Residential period in the recent place of residency

[] 1 From birth
[] 2 Less than a year
[] 3 One year or more ____

Previous place of residence:

56. Governorate or abroad

[] 1 In this governorate ____
[] 2 Abroad ____

57. Administrative unit

[] 1 Urban
[] 2 Rural

58. Reason for changing the place of residency

[] 1 Job
[] 2 Transfer of posting
[] 3 Appointment
[] 4 War
[] 5 Marriage or divorce or windowed
[] 6 Study or finishing studies
[] 7 Accompanying family
[] 8 To get a better living
[] 9 Other

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(The fields 55-58 are specialized for residency and they are recorded for all population)

Note: The fields (56-60) are not filled for the persons dwell in the recent residential period from birth and the sign (x) in the square opposite to the phrase (from birth) in the field 55 (the residential period in the recent residential place).

56. The governorate or abroad:
If the previous place of residency to the recent place of residency in this governorate indicated by the sign (x) in the square (1) (in this governorate) but if the place of residency in other governorate or abroad the name of the governorate or the country is recorded in the special space for that.