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      class Incsfam : public Editor {

  Incsfam(VarPointer varInfo) : Editor(varInfo) {}
  void edit() {

    long a = getRecoded();

    if (dataSet == dataset_id::mx1970a) {
      if (MX1970A_0400() == 1)
        a = MX1970A_0429();

      else if (MX1970A_0400() == 6)
        a = 0;
      else {
        if (PERNUM() > 1)
          a = INCSFAM(PERNUM() - 1);

      if (MX1970A_0400() != 6 && a == 0)
        a = 99;




This variable indicates the subfamily's total annual income in pesos for 1969 from all persons in the subfamily. For the meaning of subfamilies in this census, see SUBFNUM. The census question was phrased in terms of cash income to include earnings, salaries, commissions, tips, interest, dividends, yields, scholarships, income derived from self-employment (with costs subtracted), and so forth, deducting amounts spent on taxes, Social Security quotas, pensions, etc.

According to instructions given to enumerators, the census question about income was to be asked of all persons age 12 or older, who could answer on an annual basis or in terms of a normal week or month. However, in the sample for Mexico 1970, these individuals' responses were converted to an annual basis, aggregated into a subfamily total, and then attached only to the records for the subfamily heads. In creating INCSFAM, the values for the heads have been applied to all persons in the subfamily.

In addition, income was not provided for single-person subfamilies, either because the census question was not asked of such persons (even if they did meet the stated age qualification) or because their responses were excluded from the underlying data file.


No information available.


  • Persons age 12+ except for single-person subfamilies


  • Mexico: 1970