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For persons age 5 or older
[Questions 209-214 were asked of persons aged 5+.)

209. In which regency/city and province did [the respondent] live 5 years ago (May 2005)?

a. Province/state: ____ _ _
b. Regency/municipality: ____ _ _ _

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Household members 5 years and older
Questions 209 through 214 are asked only to those household members who are 5 years old or older. See Q204; if the age is 05, 06, 07? 98, then continue the interview with Q209 through Q214. If Q204 has entries 00, 01, 02, 03, or 04, then the interview with this household member is complete and Q209 through Q221 should be left blank. The interview should continue with the next household member.

Question 209: Place of Residence Five Years Ago
Ask the province and regency/city of the place where the respondent lived 5 years ago, that is, May 2005. Ask the respondent to remember where he lived at that time. Write the name of the province and the regency/city according to the respondent's answer in the space provided. Remember not to write beyond the space provided for the answer.
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The enumerators are expected to know whether the place mentioned by the respondent is the name of a regency/city and most importantly whether it is located in the same province as the province in which he is currently living. If the enumerator isn't sure, then he should ask the respondent "Is that the name of a regency/city?"
It is hoped that the respondent knows about the development or growth of the area in which he lived 5 years ago. Therefore, the respondent himself will know the situation now regarding the name of the regency/city. Codes for country or province or codes for regency/city will be filled in by the Team Coordinator in accordance with Book 7.
If the respondent's residence 5 years ago was abroad, then is sufficient to write the name of the country in the place provided for province and put a dash in the space for the name of the regency/city.
Residence 5 years ago is the region where the household member lived in May 2005.
Similar to way of recording place of birth (Q205), the place recorded is the name used for the geographic division which is currently in effect (see explanation for Q205). If the household member has never lived at a residence in a different regency/city, write the name of the province and regency/city which is shown in the identification section for his/her current residence even though in 2005 the name of the regency/city or province was different.