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I. Location identification

101. Province _ _
102. Regency/municipality _ _
103. Sub-district _ _ _
104. Village _ _ _
105. Village classification _
[] 1 Urban
[] 2 Rural

____ A. Census block number
____ B. Sub-census block number

107. Sample code number _ _ _ _
108. Physical building number/census building number
____ PBN
____ CBN

109. Selected household number _ _
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1.3 Area of coverage
SUPAS05 will be conducted in all regions of Indonesia, and thus will cover all (30) provinces and all (440) regencies/municipalities. The Survey's target is the population who permanently reside in an area that has been divided into a number of units called normal census blocks (CB). A number of CBs are selected at random to represent the regencies/municipalities. The statistical estimates that are produced represent the numbers at the national, provincial, and regency / municipality levels. Nevertheless, it must be realized that not all characteristics collected in SUPAS05 can be presented at the regency/municipality level, because for some characteristics the occurrence is rare or because there is a limitation in the definition or concept of a particular characteristic.

5.2.1 Block I. Geographic identification

Point 105: Urban/rural classification

If a village is classified as urban, circle code 1, and if it is not, circle code 2; then write the code in the box that has been provided to the right. Explanations for the classifications urban and rural can be obtained from DSBS of SUPAS05 which have been recorded by the supervisor/examiner or staff of the regency/municipality statistical office.