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VII. Ever married women age 10-54
[Questions 701-716]

707. How many sons and how many daughters live with [the respondent]?

Sons _ _
Daughters _ _

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6.7 Block VII. Women age 10-54 who ever married
This block is only asked to women aged 10-54 years old who ever married in order to obtain information on marriage, number of children born alive, children currently alive and deceased children. The characteristics are very useful to count the total number of births and the number of stillbirths. Try to interview the mother in question.

Block VII is filled in after the characteristics of all household members are recorded into Block V and Block VI. In a set of SUPAS95-S there are 4 pages of Block VII that are in pages 26-29. Write the characteristics of ever married women age 10-54 first on page 26, then on page 27 and so forth. If in one household there are more than four ever married women aged 10-54 years old, use an extra page.

For Block VII, read the questions that are printed in small letters.

Question 706 to 716: Number of children born alive
These questions are to collect the characteristics on all of the children born alive to the respondent, regardless of who the father is. When collecting the data on this matter, please explain to the respondent that the events to be covered are the children born alive even if [they are] not living in the same household or have passed away. Born alive is a child who, when born, showed signs of life such as crying, moving or breathing, even if the child only lived a few moments.

Also ask the respondent not to report the number of stillbirths (when the child did not show signs of life), foster children, or stepchildren.

Question 707: Number of born children who live with the mother
Read this question clearly. The data recorded here are for biological sons and/or daughters who usually live together with the respondent in the household where the interview was conducted. Fill in the number of biological sons and daughters who live together with the respondent. If only sons live there, write "00" in the boxes of "Daughters" and vice versa [if only daughters live there].