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I. General Data of the Person Enumerated
[Questions 1-10.]

5. Relationship to the head of the household

[] 1 Head of household
[] 2 Spouse
[] 3 Partner in life
[] 4 Child
[] 5 Spouse of the child
[] 6 Partner in life of the child
[] 7 Grandchild
[] 8 Spouse of the grandchild
[] 9 Partner in life of the grandchild
[] 10 Great-grandchild
[] 11 Father
[] 12 Mother
[] 13 Father-in-law
[] 14 Mother-in-law
[] 15 Grandparent
[] 16 Brother, sister
[] 17 Spouse of the brother or sister
[] 18 Partner in life of the brother or sister
[] 19 Child of the brother or sister
[] 20 Other relative, namely ____
[] 21 Person living alone
[] Other non-relative, namely ____

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Head of household

In defining the head of household the following procedure should be followed:

In case of a one-family household the head of family is regarded as the head of household.

Irrespective of his activity status (person in employment or dependent) in a married couple type family the husband, in the lone parent with children type family the parent is the head of the family. This rule is valid even in case one or more relatives (not forming a different family) are living in the family.

In a multifamily household, the eldest head of one of the family (provided he works or has an income) should be regarded as the head of household. In case none of the head of families is working the eldest head of family having a pension, otherwise the eldest inactive head of family is the head of household. In the case of in a multifamily household there is an economically active female head of family and none of the male head of families are working the female shall be regarded as head of household. In case both the male and female heads of families are working, irrespective of their age, the male person should be regarded as head of the household.

In case there are more lone persons or relatives (brothers/sisters) not constituting a family are living in a household the above rules should be followed (eldest economically active person, etc.). The same procedure will be followed in case lone parents (widowed, separated, divorced) are together with their lonely living, formerly married children. (In this particular case not the inactive parent but the economically active child will be the head of household.)

Warning! The same method will be applied for each of the households in case there are several households living in a given dwelling.

5. Household status

The enumerator at first should select the head of household and afterwards the (family and other household) relation against the head of household of the other household members will be defined. After completing this procedure -- irrespective of the presence/absence of the given person the corresponding answer should be marked.


Head of household

In defining the head of household, the principles on page 24 should be taken into account.


Wife is the female living in legal marriage with the head of household.

Consensual partner

Cohabiting (consensual) partner is the female living with the head of household without a legal marriage.


In case the head of household is the parent of a definite person irrespective of his age and marital status should be enumerated as "child". In case. Adopted or bred children will be enumerated as "children" too.

Grandchild, etc.

While defining the family status attention should be given to the relation of the particularly person to the head of household. That is the answer "grandchild" can be underlined only if the head of household is the grandfather of the person, while a person will be marked as grandfather only if the head of household is his grandchild., etc.

Other relatives

If the printed answers do not describe the relation between the given person and the head of household (e.g. cousin, brother/sister of the spouse, aunt, etc.), the respective denotation should be written on the dotted line.

Lone person

If a person does not live with anybody else, the answer "lone person" will be marked. In case lone persons (e.g. friends) other than relatives form a household one of the persons will be marked as head of household.

Other non-relatives

If there are living in the household persons other than relatives, the term expressing their position (e.g. maid, student in board, child in state care, person supported for a material compensation, etc.) should be written on the dotted line.