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I Geographic Location
1. Department____
2. Municipality____
3. Village____
4. Locality____
5. Supervision area number____
6. Segment number____
7. Address of the building the dwelling is located in____
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I. Geographic Localization

Record the following information on all the forms as you enumerate in the zone assigned to you: 1) Department (name); 2) Municipality (name); 5) Supervision area (number); 6) Zone number. The information is on the cover of your folder.

Note that the part corresponding to "Geographic Localization" requires additional information which should be investigated and recorded by the enumerator on his/her route but which does not appear on the cover of the folder. The information is: 3) Town (name); 4) Populated area (name); 7) Address of the building where the dwelling is located (avenue, street, etc.)

Take special care when recording the information you are investigating. Most of the zones in rural areas are made up of two or more populated areas, some of which do not belong to a single town and there is a tendency to repeat the name of the town and the populated area even after having moved to another place. For example: zone X is made up of the populated area El Pino, which belongs to the town of El Rosario, and the populated area El Manguito, which belongs to the town of El Jolote. The enumerator begins his/her route in El Pino, in the town of El Rosario. After having enumerated all the dwellings in that populated area the enumerator goes to El Manguito in the town of El Jolote, upon which he/she should immediately remember to change the populated area and town. If the enumerator does not do this and continues writing El Pino populated area in the town of El Rosario, all the dwellings and the population of the other populated area will be assigned to this one.