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I. Geographic location

4. Area:

[] 1 Urban
[] 2 Rural

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C. Detailed instructions for filling out the dwelling form

I Geographic localization

Write the following information on all the forms in your assigned zone: 1) Department; 2) Municipality; 3) Cartographic code; 4) Area (urban or rural, as appropriate). This information is on the cover of your folder.

The correct localization of the enumeration zone and its dwellings requires additional information that you should investigate and record, as shown below:

[p. 35]

Information that should be copied from the folder:
[This box contains questions 1-4 of the section I "geographic localization"]

Information that should be investigated and recorded at the time of the interview:
[This box contains questions 5-7 of the section I "geographic localization"]

Using the above box as a guide, write the information taken from the folder on each of the census forms. Find out the name and category of the populated area, as well as the address of the building in which the dwelling is located.

[A graphic of both sides of box 1 is again reproduced. It is identical to the previous one, except that it includes the title: "Geographic localization."]