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FREEZER indicates whether the household had a food freezer separate from a refrigerator.

Comparability — Index


Comparability — General

The variable is comparable across countries. Several countries include freezers in the question about refrigerators. Those cases are recorded in the variable REFRIG.

Comparability — Brazil [top]

The 2000 Brazil census included freezers in the question about refrigerators (see REFRIG).

Comparability — Egypt [top]

The 2006 sample recorded the number of freezers in the household, which is retained in the unharmonized data.

Comparability — Suriname [top]

The 2012 sample asks whether the household had any freezers in working condition.

Comparability — Uruguay [top]

All samples include only independent freezer units. The 1996 sample has a separate unharmonized source variable for refrigerator-freezers.


  • Brazil 1991: Not group quarters or improvised dwellings; only households that had electric lighting, with or without a meter
  • Canada 1971: Private households
  • Egypt 1996: All households
  • Egypt 2006: Private households
  • Suriname 2012: All households
  • United States 1960: Not group quarters or vacant units (answered by only 20% of households)
  • Uruguay 1985: Occupied private dwellings with dwellers present
  • Uruguay 1996: Occupied private households
  • Uruguay 2006: All households


  • Brazil: 1991
  • Canada: 1971
  • Egypt: 1996, 2006
  • Suriname: 2012
  • United States: 1960
  • Uruguay: 1985, 1996, 2006