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Questions 9 through 24 are only addressed to people 14 years old or more
[Questions 9-24 were asked only of persons 14 years or older.]

11. What is your situation?

You work
[] 1 Check the box and continue to the back of the page (questions 15 to 24) including if you are on sick leave or maternity leave, if you help a member of your family in his/her work or if you are apprenticed under contract, or a salaried intern. [skip to question 15]
You don't work (or no longer work)
[] 2 Check the box and answer questions 12 to 14

[Questions 15-21 were asked of persons who work per question 11.]

20. Are you:

[] 1 Independent worker or self-employed (including family assistance without salary)
[] 2 Salaried head of company PDG, minority manager of SARL, co-manager
[] 3 Salaried employee, including salaried family assistance

Questions 22 to 24 are only for employees and salaried interns
[Questions 22 to 24 were asked only of persons who work per question 11 and who are employees and salaried interns per question 20.]

24. Indicate the main function of your work

[] 1 Production, manufacturing, construction, farming
[] 2 Installation, regulating, repair, maintenance
[] 3 Gardening, cleaning, domestic cleaning
[] 4 Handling equipment, storage, transportation, logistics
[] 5 Secretariat, ticket booths, data entry, switchboard operating, reception
[] 6 Managing, accounting, administrative function, organization
[] 7 General director or adjunct director, staff
[] 8 Commerce, sales, technical-commercial
[] 9 Research, study, methods, computers
[] 0 Teaching, training, health, social work, news, advertizing, arts, shows, sports