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Questions 9 through 24 are only addressed to people 14 years old or more
[Questions 9-24 were asked only of persons 14 years or older.]

11. What is your situation?

You work
[] 1 Check the box and continue to the back of the page (questions 15 to 24) including if you are on sick leave or maternity leave, if you help a member of your family in his/her work or if you are apprenticed under contract, or a salaried intern. [skip to question 15]
You don't work (or no longer work)
[] 2 Check the box and answer questions 12 to 14

[Questions 15-21 were asked of persons who work per question 11.]

15. Profession currently practiced ____

Be specific (ex. robotics maintenance electrician, insurance accountant, chemical technician, etc.)
If you are an agent of public services for the state or cities (including HLMs, public hospitals), specify your rank (organization, category) ____