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For all persons aged 14 or older

If have practice a professional activity, answer questions 12 through 15,
Including: If you help a family member at work, even if part time
If you are an apprentice under contract or a paid intern

If you are not currently practice a professional activity or if you are unemployed: answer question 16.

16. If you do not actually practice any professional activity, or if you are unemployed:

a. Are you:

[] 1 A mother or housewife
[] 2 Retired (non age-related) from business (former shop keeper, former farmer, etc.)
If you checked box 1 or 2, indicate your previous professions: ____
[] 3 High school or college/university student
[] 4 Unemployed
[] 5 If other, please indicate: ____

b. Are you currently seeking work?

[] 1 Yes

Have you ever worked?
[] 1 Yes
[] 0 No

[] 0 No