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Education and professional formation (for all persons born before January 1st, 1962)
[Applies to questions 8 - 11]

8. Are you currently a student?

[] Yes (Answer question 9)
[] No (Answer questions 10 and 11)

Do not answer "yes" unless you are taking classes (including professional or technical classes) or at the university for the normal duration of the school year.
If you are apprenticed under contract, if you are not taking any classes except for some professional classes part-time, or classes by correspondence for perfecting your skills, seasonal agricultural classes, etc. answer "no".

Professional activity (for all persons born before January 1st, 1954)
[Applies to questions 12- 18]

17. If you are currently without work and if you are looking for some:

a. Have you already worked?

[] Yes
[] No

b. What is your occupation? ____
c. How long have you been looking for work?

[] 1 less than 3 months
[] 2 from 3 to 6 months
[] 3 from 6 months to less than a year
[] 4 a year or more

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Question 8: Students must answer "Yes".
Others must answer "No"