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Educational attainment, Suriname

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EDUCSR indicates the person's educational attainment in Suriname in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

The education system in Suriname consists of pre-primary (2 years), primary (6 years), junior secondary (4 years), and senior secondary education (2-3 years).

Persons completing primary schools are awarded the GLO certificate (Gewoon Lager Onderwijs). Junior secondary education (VOJ) includes two tracks: a general track of 4 years (MULO/ULO) and a vocational track of 1-4 years. The vocational track comprises several programs, including junior vocation-oriented education (LBGO) and basic vocational education (LBO).

The general senior secondary education (VOS) also has a general and a vocational track. The general track includes 3-year pre-university education (VWO) and 2-year senior secondary general education (HAVO). The senior secondary vocational education (MBO) comprises a 4-year polytechnic institute (NATIN), a 4-year evening technical school (AMTO), and an institute for secondary economic and administrative education (IMEAO/IMEO).

Persons completing the VOS can pursue higher education in a university or higher professional education institutes, while some receive higher professional/vocational education (HBO).

Teacher training is offered at the middle vocational level for primary and pre-primary teachers, and higher vocational level for secondary school teachers.

Special education is provided by various types of schools at the primary and secondary levels. It is identified in the 2004 sample but not in 2013.


  • Suriname 2004: Persons age 5+
  • Suriname 2012: Persons age 4+


  • Suriname: 2004, 2012