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Educational attainment, Palestine

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EDUCPS indicates the person's educational attainment in Palestine in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

Literacy status was only asked of persons with no formal education. Primary education means completion of 6th grade, preparatory is 9th grade, and secondary is 12th grade.

Post-secondary education consists of two tracks. Community and technical colleges award "associate diplomas" or "intermediate diplomas" which require one to two years of education. Universities and polytechnics confer bachelor degrees and above. Bachelor degrees are earned after 4-6 years of education. Students with a bachelor's degree can obtain "higher diplomas", which allow continuing to master studies. Master degrees require 2 years of education and doctoral studies require 3 years.

The samples are largely comparable, with some differences for higher education. In 2007, the top education level is "bachelor and above". In the 1997 sample, "bachelor" is separately identified from "higher diploma and above." In 2017, three different degrees are separately identified from bachelor: ''higher diploma'', ''master's degree'', and ''Ph.D. degree.''


  • Persons age 10+


  • Palestine: 1997, 2007, 2017