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Educational attainment, Guatemala

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EDUCGT indicates the person's educational attainment in Guatemala in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

Guatemala has a 6-6 system, comprising 6 years of primary school, 3 years of a general cycle, and 2 or 3 years of a diversified cycle (depending on the field of study).

Pre-primary education is only identified in the 1994 and 2002 samples.

Primary education comprises six grades (1st to 6th) and it typically begins at the age of 7 years. Secondary education includes the general cycle (grades 7th to 9th), and the diversified cycle, which lasts 2 years in the areas of sciences and humanities, and 3 years in the areas of teaching training and technical education.

Higher education is defined by the enumeration instructions as university studies or those at higher-level technical schools. In general, the tertiary level in Guatemala comprises technical programs (3 years), teaching training (2 to 4 years), bachelor (4 to 6 years), specializations (up to 18 months), masters (1 to 3 years), and Ph.D. degrees (at least 3 years).


  • Guatemala 1964: Persons age 7+
  • Guatemala 1973: Persons age 7+
  • Guatemala 1981: Persons age 7+
  • Guatemala 1994: Persons age 7+
  • Guatemala 2002: Persons age 7+


  • Guatemala: 1964, 1973, 1981, 1994, 2002