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Educational attainment, Guinea

Codes and Frequencies

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EDUCGN indicates the person's educational attainment in Guinea in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

The educational attainment question was only asked of household residents (not visitors) in 1996.

The pre-university system changed between 1983 and 1996. In the older sample, it was a 6-6 system split between primary and middle school. In 1996, the system was 6-4-3, split between primary, secondary 1 (lower secondary), and secondary 2 (upper secondary). EDUCGN roughly equates the two systems.

The 1996 sample identifies upper secondary and post-secondary technical education, but the 1983 sample does not make that distinction.

The 1983 sample identifies undergraduate from graduate university degrees, but that distinction was not made in 1996.


  • Guinea 1983: Persons age 6+
  • Guinea 1996: Household residents age 6+


  • Guinea: 1983, 1996