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Educational attainment, Belarus

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EDUCBY indicates the person's educational attainment in Belarus in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

Belarus does not report years of education, only the level of education attained and whether it was completed.

The compulsory educational system in Belarus is composed of 4 years of primary school and 5 years of basic general (lower secondary). Students can then enter into the general secondary, the vocational-technical secondary, or the specialized secondary.

  • General secondary education lasts 2 years and it comprises grades 10 and 11.
  • Vocational-technical schools offer 1- to 2 years-programs leading to a certificate of professional qualification, or 3-years programs leading to a diploma of vocational training.
  • Specialized secondary is offered in professional lyceums and the programs last 2 to 4 years.

Higher education includes specialties, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees. Junior specialty programs last 2 to 3 years; specialties and bachelor's degree programs last 4 to 5 years (6 years in the case of medicine). At the graduate level, advanced specialty programs last one year, master's degree programs take 1 to 2 years, and doctorate programs last 3 years.

In 1999, illiterate persons are classified as having "no education" in EDUCBY. In 2009, the category of "no education" may include literate people with incomplete primary, but it was not possible to separately identify them. Persons responding "primary vocational" in 1999 have actually attained the vocational-technical secondary.

The universe in 1999 was composed of persons aged 15 years or more, while it included persons aged 10 years or more in 2009.


  • Belarus 1999: Persons age 15+
  • Belarus 2009: Persons age10+


  • Belarus: 1999, 2009