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B. Geographic Location

(1) ____ Province
(2) ____ Canton
(3) ____ Parish
[] Urban
[] Rural

(5) ____ Category
(6) ____ Zone
(7) ____ Sector
(8) ____ Block or population center
(9) ____ Form number
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Populated area or locality. Is any populated place that can be identified clearly and precisely by its name and geographic location. As such, populated areas and localities are:

a) Cities, towns, villages and hamlets, however small they may be and even though they may only have a limited numbers of dwellings;

b) Large farms (haciendas), indigenous communities and groups of dwellings from small and medium-sized agricultural properties that are close to one another, without forming part of a city, village, or any other locality, provided that the place where they are located is known by a common geographic name. When the dwellings of these small agricultural properties are located adjacent to a locality, without having their own name, they should be considered part of the adjacent locality;

c) Factories, industrial establishments, work and military camps, that are isolated. Their conditions should be specified; and,

d) Isolated or spread out houses and dwellings that don't form part of any large farm
(fundo), agricultural plot or locality, should be considered separate localities and identified by the name of the place where they are located; so, for example: house on the Las Juntas bridge; house in Cerro Negro; house in Quebrada Miraflores [Miraflores Gully], etc.