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10. Type and use of toilet facilities

[] 0 For this dwelling only
[] 1 For this and other dwellings

Septic tank

[] 2 For this dwelling only
[] 3 For this and other dwellings

Concrete pit toilet

[] 4 For this dwelling only
[] 5 For this and other dwellings

Wooden pit toilet

[] 6 For this dwelling only
[] 7 For this and other dwellings

Other type

[] 8 For this dwelling only
[] 9 For this and other dwellings


[] Y

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5.3.- Question 10.- Class and Use of Sanitary Facilities

[Below the text is a filled out form.]

[p. 27]

Mark with a single "X" the circle corresponding to the service that the dwelling has, either for the use of a single or for two or more dwellings.

5.3.1.- Sewer: System of toilet bowls connected to the system of water supply which eliminates human residue through means of water and pressure and is connected to a public or private system of sewers or sanitary sewer system.

Sewer (sewer system) exists when a system is correctly installed and covered [underground] that eliminates sewage. It can be that which serves a whole city of part of it and that takes the residue to the sea, a river, a common tank, as is the case with some private residential complexes (ciudadelas).

5.3.2.- Septic Tank: is a system of toilet bowls that is connected to a cement tank, which eliminates "negras" waters by special Procedures and that generally is built in the patio of the house.

5.3.3.- Pit Toilet (Pozo Negro): consists of a pit more or less deep over which is a hut. They can be of two classes. Of Concrete: When the floor and the walls are concrete. Of Wood: When the floor or the walls or both are wooden.

5.3.4.- Other Type: It is marked here when the dwelling does not have any of the types of facilities described in the previous points.

5.3.5.- Does not have: When the dwelling does not have any type of sanitary facilities.