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Questions 12, 13 and 14 are intended for those aged 15 and over

13. Occupation: present situation

Please tick everything that applies.

'In employment' means persons:
Who work one hour or more a week against payment
Who work in a family business without payment
Who are currently ill, on paid maternity leave or military service but are otherwise in employment.
Casual jobs should also be counted.

Apprentices should select both 'In employment' and 'Undergoing training'. The appropriate number of hours must be given for both categories.

[] In (full-time) employment

Average number of hours a week: _ _ hours

[] In (part-time) employment (at least one hour a week)

Average number of hours a week: _ _ hours

[] Several (part-time) jobs

Average number of hours a week: _ _ hours

[] Unemployed
[] Not in employment but seeking a job
[] Not in employment but future job guaranteed
[] Not employed and not looking for a job
[] Undergoing training (school, studies, apprenticeship) _ _ hours
[] Retired, pension, beneficiary (old-age, disability, etc.)