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C. Questions to persons aged 15 and over

17. Present activities and sources of income
Please mark every applicable square, e.g. if you run the household and are employed; if you work and are a student; if you draw a pension and work. The monthly allowances of the Old Age Pension and Invalid Insurance are regarded as pensions. Do not take into consideration any interruptions of work caused by illness, holidays, military service, etc.
Partially employed = working fewer hours than is usual in the branch or firm concerned, e.g. half-days or only on single days a week.
Housewives, pensioners and students who work part-time should enter themselves as 'partially employed' and not under 'additional occupation'.

Main profession, source of income

[] Fully employed
[] Partially employed at one or more jobs
[] At present unemployed
[] Looking for a permanent job
[] Future job assured
[] Housework (in own household)
[] Pensioner, retired
[] Schoolchild, student
[] Other sources of income

[1. Unemployed indicate under Questions 19a and b their last activity and position.]

Additional occupation (besides full or part-time activity)

[] Additional occupation in agriculture
[] Additional occupation in another branch

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Question 17: Present occupation, livelihood

Farm wives and other adult persons who work on the farm in addition to their housework, should enter "housewife" as well as "full time or part time employed". In question 18a they should enter only the time which they spend normally at farm work and in question 18c the time for housework.

Persons age 16 and over who are dependent on their relatives should mark the field "other sources of livelihood", as long as they are not un-employed, housewives or students. Other sources of livelihood are also alimony, scholarships, support payments, etc.