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All persons 12 years and over
[Questions A16-A26]

A22. Did [the person] do any type of work for pay, profit or home use for at least 1 hour in the past 7 days?

[] 1 Yes [Go to A24]
[] 2 No [If no, has the person worked at lands/ cattle posts?]
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109b. Column A16-A26: These questions apply only to persons aged 12 years and more. If the person is under 12 years of age, then when you reach column A16 you should put dashes in the shaded areas for columns A16 -- A32 and proceed to the next listed person in the household.

112. Column A22: Current economic activity: This is the work or something of economic value that someone is currently doing either for payment in any form or for no pay.

Q: What has [the person] been doing mainly in the past 7days?

Enter the appropriate one-digit code in the shaded area:

[] 01 Worked for payment (cash or in-kind):
Codes 01 should be used for someone who did work or any economic activity for payment where the payment was either hard cash or in any form (referred to as payment in kind)

[] 02 Worked in family business (unpaid):
There are people who work in businesses of family members or other relatives and they are not paid as the work they do is regarded as help to the owner of the business, because the owner is a family member, relative or a friend. So those people engaging in such activities for no payment like those in family business should be coded 02.

[] 03 Worked at the lands/farms/cattle post (unpaid):
Those individuals who worked at farms, lands or cattle-posts, but did not receive payment of any form should be coded 03. This situation is common among farmers who grow mainly for household consumption (rather than to sell their products), and their children, other relatives and friends are normally expected to do work without any reward. Seasonal workers are the most affected by this situation.

[] 04 Job Seeker:
This category applies to all those people who are actively looking for a job. These people could be visiting potential employers, looking for jobs advertisements on the newspapers, or in any other way of looking for a job. The steps should have been taken during the past seven days. When this category is encountered A23 to A25 which for persons who have not reported to be unemployed are skipped, as such this category takes us to A26 where there is more probing on job seeking efforts.

Note: If the person in question is male and the response are categories 05 to 08, then skip to the next person.

[] 05 Home maker:
Remember that either a female or a male not economically active could be responsible for daily housework, i.e. cleaning of the house and premises, preparing food and other household duties. People doing this kind of activity should be coded 05. It should however be noted that domestic servants working for pay are classified as economically active.

[] 06 Student:
A student is a person, at least 12 years of age, who, as a result of attending school for most of the day, does not work.

[] 07 Retired:
A retired person is a woman or a man who, as a result of old age or disability, cannot do any type of work.

[] 08 Sick:
This is a person who cannot or who had to leave work as a result of illness or due to poor health conditions. A medical doctor could have made a recommendation that the person should not work at all.

[] Other (specify):
If the person was doing something else, other than the possibilities listed above, then write in what the person was doing in the unshaded area in column A22. If you need more space, use the comments box.

Generally speaking, if a person has had more than one activity during the past 7 days, it is the foremost of these that must be taken (i.e. that which took up most time and/or which was most rewarding). There is, however, an exception to this:

Everything takes precedence over "home maker". For example, if a person spent all his time doing housework - except for half a day when he went looking for work - he must be coded 04 as "job seeker" and not 05 as being "homemaker".