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(10) Livelihood:
[Question 10(a) was asked only of those persons employed. Question 10(b) was asked only of those persons not working.]
(a) Employed: Please answer questions 11-17.

Wives and other dependents who work 13 or more hours per week in a family-run business are considered "employed".

[] Full time (35 or more hours a week)
[] Part-time (13 to 34 hours per week)

(b) Not working, specifically:

When they were previously employed: Ask questions 11-14 concerning the last career position they pursued.

[] Unemployed
[] Active duty servant with the National Guard, civil servant

When they were previously employed: Ask questions 11-12 concerning the last career position they pursued.

[] Medical or maternity leave
[] Retired

When they presently attend a school: Ask questions 13, 15, and 16 concerning the school in which they are enrolled.

[] Homemaker who is without a profession or pension
[] Child, school-aged or college pupil without their own income
[] Other livelihood (i.e. rent, scholarship / fellowship, support from relatives, etc.

Which other livelihood: ____

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For Question 10, Livelihood:

Who is employed?

For a person who is a family member assisting in a family business, especially for housewives, who assist with the business of their husband, for pensioned persons with a side job and for working students it is often difficult to determine if they are employed. In such cases, it is noted in the explanations as a decision making aid that a minimum average weekly time of 13 hours is required. Any person who therefore works at least 13 hours a week on average, is considered as employed; any persons who works less, is "unemployed".

Farmers are counted as employed (as long as they spend at least 13 hours weekly for the running of the business). Farmers are not required to completed questions 13, 14, and 15.

Wives of farmers are handled differently since the last people's census. Please address in every case, if the wife of the farmer helps out in the stable and in the fields or only carries out housework. (In case of doubt, note the 13 hour week limit)

Members of a holy order (i.e. nuns) are counted as employed. The corresponding questions concerning their worldly professions (i.e. child care worker, nurse) should be answered.

A person who only carries out volunteer positions is not counted as employed.

Classification of unemployed persons

The explanations for the individual answer possibilities are stated on the household list (fourth page). Concerning this, there is also the following advice:

[p. 28]

Persons are counted as unemployed who do not have any employment and either receive unemployment payments or seek work. The exception is made for persons in professional retraining. These persons mark themselves as "employed" and answer all corresponding questions for the last practiced profession.

Question 10 serves as a "switchman"

Each person should answer question 10. Only a single answer is allowed--as is noted on the persons sheet.

Based upon the answer in question 10, it is decided, which questions of the persons sheet must further be answered:

If "employed" was marked, then all questions on the right-hand side of the sheet should be answered.

If "Child, pupil, student" was marked, then questions 15 and 16 for the currently attended school should be answered--omitted naturally are children who do not yet attend school.

If "unemployed", "active duty personnel" is marked, then all the questions on the right-hand side of the sheet up through question 14 should be answered (an employment therefore cannot be given for this person).

As a result, give answers about the last practiced profession or the previously attended school.

"Pensioners and retired persons" also answer questions 11 and 12 with reference to the last practiced profession. The survey of the previous profession for pensioners is new. The answers serve primarily to be able to assess the growing number of pensioners in tables according to their previous employment. In addition, the calculation of profession-specific morality tables is planned.

If "Housewife (stay-at-home husband) is marked in question 10 or "other livelihood" is noted in words, no further questions need to be answered.