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Person weight for occ, ind, migration

Codes and Frequencies

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A number of important variables were never fully coded in the microdata. Approximately half of the persons in the sample lack information for any of the variables listed below. AR1991A_0434 is an alternative weight variable that corrects for the missing data. This variable -- not PERWT (person weight) -- should be applied to any analyses that use one of the affected variables.

When pooling 1991 Argentina with other samples, users will need to recode PERWT to equal AR1991A_0434.

The affected variables requiring the special weight are:

OCC -- Occupation
OCCISCO -- Occupation, ISCO recode
IND -- Industry
INDGEN -- Industry, general recode
BPLAR -- Province of birth
BPLCOUNTRY -- Country of birth
NATIVITY -- Nativity status
MIGRATE5 -- Migration status, 5 years
AR1991A_0405 (AR1991A_RESH) -- Place of current residence
AR1991A_0407 (AR1991A_RESPRH) -- Residence 5 years ago
AR1991A_0409 (AR1991A_BORNH) -- Place of birth
AR1991A_0410 (AR1991A_BORN) -- Province or country of birth
AR1991A_0423 (AR1991A_IND) -- Industry
AR1991A_0424 (AR1991A_OCC) -- Occupation

Note: Six provinces actually have full information for all variables, and analyses confined to those provinces require no special treatment: 2 Capital Federal, 4 Buenos Aires, 58 Del Nequen, 62 Rio Negro, 78 Santa Cruz, and 94 Tierra del Fuego.


  • Argentina 1991: All persons


  • Argentina: 1991

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