Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BJ2013A_TV Television H Benin 2013
BO2001A_TV Television H Bolivia 2001
BO2012A_TV Have a television H Bolivia 2012
BW2001A_TV Ownership of television H Botswana 2001
BW2011A_TV TV H Botswana 2011
BR1960A_TV Television H Brazil 1960
BR1970A_TV Television H Brazil 1970
BR1980A_TV Television H Brazil 1980
BR1991A_TVBW Black-and-white television H Brazil 1991
BR1991A_TVCOLOR Color television H Brazil 1991
BR2000A_TV Number of televisions H Brazil 2000
BR2010A_TV Have TV H Brazil 2010
BF2006A_TV Number of functional televisions in household H Burkina Faso 2006
KH2008A_TV Number of televisions H Cambodia 2008
KH2013A_TV Number of televisions H Cambodia 2013
KH2019A_TV Television H Cambodia 2019
CA1971A_TVBW Black and white TV H Canada 1971
CA1971A_TVCOL Colour TV H Canada 1971
CL1970A_TV Television H Chile 1970
CL1982A_TVBW Black and white television H Chile 1982
CL1982A_TVCOLOR Color television H Chile 1982
CL1992A_TVBW Black and white television H Chile 1992
CL1992A_TVCOLOR Color television H Chile 1992
CL2002A_TVBW Black and white television H Chile 2002
CL2002A_TVCOL Color television H Chile 2002
CO2005A_TVC Color television H Colombia 2005
CR1963A_TVREFRIG Television and refrigerator H Costa Rica 1963
CR1973A_RADIOTV Radio and television H Costa Rica 1973
CR1984A_TVBW Black and white television H Costa Rica 1984
CR1984A_TVCOL Color TV H Costa Rica 1984
CR2000A_TV Color television H Costa Rica 2000
CR2011A_TVSCREEN TV screen (plasma, LCD, LED) H Costa Rica 2011
CR2011A_TV Conventional television H Costa Rica 2011
CI1988A_TV Television H Côte d'Ivoire 1988
CI1998A_TV Television H Côte d'Ivoire 1998
DO1981A_TV Television H Dominican Republic 1981
DO1981A_TVN Number of televisions H Dominican Republic 1981
DO2002A_TV Television H Dominican Republic 2002
DO2010A_TV Television H Dominican Republic 2010
EG1986A_TVBW Black-and-white television H Egypt 1986
EG1986A_TVCOLOR Color television H Egypt 1986
EG1996A_TVBW Has a black and white television H Egypt 1996
EG1996A_TVC Has a color television H Egypt 1996
EG2006A_TV Number of televisions H Egypt 2006
SV1992A_TV Television H El Salvador 1992
SV2007A_TV Television H El Salvador 2007
ET1984A_TV Television H Ethiopia 1984
ET1994A_TVU Television (urban households) H Ethiopia 1994
ET2007A_TV Television in working condition H Ethiopia 2007
FJ1996A_VIDEO Household has video/television H Fiji 1996
FJ2007A_TV Number of televisions owned by household H Fiji 2007
FJ2014A_TV Number of TVs H Fiji 2014
GT1964A_TV Television H Guatemala 1964
GT1981A_TV Television H Guatemala 1981
HT2003A_TV Number of televisions H Haiti 2003
HN1988A_TV Television H Honduras 1988
HN2001A_TV Television H Honduras 2001
ID1976A_TV Television H Indonesia 1976
ID1980A_TV Own TV set H Indonesia 1980
ID1985A_TV Television H Indonesia 1985
ID1990A_TV Television H Indonesia 1990
ID1995A_TVVIDEO TV/VCR/laser disc player H Indonesia 1995
ID2005A_TV Television H Indonesia 2005
IL1972A_TV TV set H Israel 1972
IL1983A_TV Black and white television H Israel 1983
IL1983A_TVC Color television set H Israel 1983
IL1995A_TV Television H Israel 1995
IL2008A_TV Television H Israel 2008
JO2004A_TV Television H Jordan 2004
JO2004A_TVN Number of televisions H Jordan 2004
KE2009A_TV Television H Kenya 2009
LA2015A_TV Own a television H Laos 2015
LS2006A_TV Television H Lesotho 2006
LR2008A_TV Television H Liberia 2008
MW2008A_TV Owned a television H Malawi 2008
MY1970A_EUQI4 Ownership of television, boat, and motorboat H Malaysia 1970
MY1980A_TVB Black-white television H Malaysia 1980
MY1980A_TVC Color television H Malaysia 1980
MY1991A_TV Television H Malaysia 1991
MY2000A_TV Television H Malaysia 2000
MX1960A_RADTV Radio and television H Mexico 1960
MX1970A_RADTV Radio and TV H Mexico 1970
MX2000A_TV Television H Mexico 2000
MX2005A_TV Availability of television H Mexico 2005
MX2010A_TV Television H Mexico 2010
MX2015A_TV Television H Mexico 2015
MX2015A_TVFLAT Flat screen television H Mexico 2015
MX2020A_TV Television H Mexico 2020
MA2004A_TV Television H Morocco 2004
MA2014A_TV Television H Morocco 2014
MZ2007A_TV TV H Mozambique 2007
MM2014A_TV Television H Myanmar 2014
NP2001A_TV Television H Nepal 2001
NP2011A_TV Television H Nepal 2011
NI1971A_RADIOTV Radio and television H Nicaragua 1971
NI2005A_TV Television H Nicaragua 2005
PS1997A_TV Availability of T.V. to the household H Palestine 1997
PS2007A_TV Television H Palestine 2007
PA1980A_TV Television H Panama 1980
PA1990A_TV Television H Panama 1990
PA2000A_TV Television H Panama 2000
PA2010A_TV TV set H Panama 2010
PA2010A_TVN Number of TV sets in household H Panama 2010
PY1972A_TV Television H Paraguay 1972
PY1982A_TV Television H Paraguay 1982
PY1992A_TV Television H Paraguay 1992
PY2002A_TV Television H Paraguay 2002
PE1993A_TVBW Black and white television in the household H Peru 1993
PE1993A_TVCOL Color television in the household H Peru 1993
PE2007A_TV Color television H Peru 2007
PE2017A_TVCOLOR Color TV H Peru 2017
PH1990A_TV Has TV H Philippines 1990
PH2000A_TV Has television set H Philippines 2000
PH2010A_TV Own TV H Philippines 2010
PR1970A_TV Television set H Puerto Rico 1970
RW2002A_RADIOTV Ownership of a radio and TV H Rwanda 2002
RW2012A_TV Number of televisions H Rwanda 2012
LC1991A_TVS Number of television sets H Saint Lucia 1991
SN1988A_TV Television H Senegal 1988
SN2002A_TV Television H Senegal 2002
SN2013A_TV Television H Senegal 2013
SL2004A_TV Television H Sierra Leone 2004
SL2015A_TV Television H Sierra Leone 2015
ZA2001A_TV Television H South Africa 2001
ZA2007A_TV Television H South Africa 2007
ZA2011A_SATETV Satellite television H South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_TV Television H South Africa 2011
ZA2016A_TV Television H South Africa 2016
SS2008A_TV Television H South Sudan 2008
SD2008A_TV Television H Sudan 2008
SR2012A_TV Television set H Suriname 2012
TZ2012A_TV Has a television H Tanzania 2012
TH1970A_TV Ownership of television H Thailand 1970
TH1980A_TV Television H Thailand 1980
TH1990A_TVCOLOR Color television H Thailand 1990
TH1990A_TVBW Black and white television H Thailand 1990
TH2000A_TV Television H Thailand 2000
TG2010A_TV Television H Togo 2010
TT1990A_TV Television H Trinidad and Tobago 1990
TT2000A_TV Television (color or black and white) H Trinidad and Tobago 2000
TT2011A_TV Television H Trinidad and Tobago 2011
UG2002A_TV Own a television set H Uganda 2002
UG2014A_TV Television H Uganda 2014
US1960A_TV Television set H United States 1960
UY1985A_COLORTV Color TV H Uruguay 1985
UY1985A_BWTV Black and white TV H Uruguay 1985
UY1996A_TVCOLOR Color TV H Uruguay 1996
UY1996A_TVBW Black and white TV H Uruguay 1996
UY2006A_NUMCTV Number of color televisions H Uruguay 2006
UY2011A_COLORTV Color TV H Uruguay 2011
VE1971A_TV Television H Venezuela 1971
VE1981A_TV Television H Venezuela 1981
VE1990A_TV Television H Venezuela 1990
VE2001A_TV Has a television H Venezuela 2001
VN1999A_TV Have television H Vietnam 1999
VN2009A_TV Television H Vietnam 2009
VN2019A_TV Television H Vietnam 2019
ZM1990A_TV Number of televisions owned by household H Zambia 1990
ZM2000A_TV Television H Zambia 2000
ZM2010A_TV Any television in household H Zambia 2010