Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AR1980A_BATHRM Toilet H Argentina 1980
AR1991A_SEWAGE Drain from toilet H Argentina 1991
AR2001A_SEWER Sewage service H Argentina 2001
AR2010A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H Argentina 2010
AM2011A_SEWER Sewerage system H Armenia 2011
BY2009A_SEWER Access to sewer H Belarus 2009
BJ1992A_SEWAGE Sewage or waste water disposal H Benin 1992
BJ2002A_SEWAGE Sewage system or water disposal H Benin 2002
BJ2013A_SEWAGE Water evacuation mode H Benin 2013
BO1976A_SEWAGE Drains-sanitary services H Bolivia 1976
BO1992A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Bolivia 1992
BO1992A_SEWER Toilet wastewater connection H Bolivia 1992
BO2001A_TOILET1 Toilet H Bolivia 2001
BO2001A_SEWAGE Wastewater connection H Bolivia 2001
BO2012A_SEWAGE Sewage H Bolivia 2012
BR1960A_SEWAGE Sewage H Brazil 1960
BR1970A_SEWAGE Sewage installations H Brazil 1970
BR1980A_SEWAGE Sewage outlet H Brazil 1980
BR1991A_SEWAGE Sewage installations H Brazil 1991
BR2000A_WASTE Waste water H Brazil 2000
BR2010A_SEWAGE Type of sanitary sewerage H Brazil 2010
BF1996A_SEWER Used water disposal method H Burkina Faso 1996
BF2006A_SEWER Used water disposal method H Burkina Faso 2006
KH2004A_TOILTYP Toilet type H Cambodia 2004
KH2008A_TOILET Toilet on premises H Cambodia 2008
KH2013A_TOILET Toilet type H Cambodia 2013
CM2005A_SEWER Waste water disposal H Cameroon 2005
CA1971A_SEWAGE Method of sewage disposal H Canada 1971
CL1960A_SEWAGE Sewage H Chile 1960
CL1970A_SEWER Sewage H Chile 1970
CL1982A_SEWAGE Sewage system H Chile 1982
CL1992A_TOILET Toilet available H Chile 1992
CL2002A_TOILET Availability of toilet facilities H Chile 2002
CO1973A_TOILET Toilet H Colombia 1973
CO1985A_TOILET Type of sanitary service H Colombia 1985
CR1963A_SEWER Sewer facilities H Costa Rica 1963
CR1973A_TOILET Type and use of toilet H Costa Rica 1973
CR1984A_TOILET Type and use of toilet facilities H Costa Rica 1984
CR2000A_SEWER Sewage H Costa Rica 2000
CR2011A_SEWER Sanitation service H Costa Rica 2011
CU2002A_WATWAST Waste water system H Cuba 2002
CU2012A_SEWAGE Waste water system H Cuba 2012
DO1981A_SEWAGE Toilet or sewage facilities H Dominican Republic 1981
DO2002A_TOILET Toilet facility H Dominican Republic 2002
DO2010A_TOILET Toilet facility H Dominican Republic 2010
EC1974A_SEWER Wastewater elimination H Ecuador 1974
EC1982A_SEWAGE Wastewater H Ecuador 1982
EC1990A_SEWAGE Waste water removal for dwelling H Ecuador 1990
EC2001A_SEWER Sewer system H Ecuador 2001
EC2010A_SEWER Type of sanitary service or toilet for the dwelling H Ecuador 2010
EG1996A_SEWER Connection with sewage facilities H Egypt 1996
EG2006A_SEWAGE Sewage H Egypt 2006
SV1992A_SEWER Sewage connection H El Salvador 1992
SV2007A_WASTEWTR Disposal of wastewater H El Salvador 2007
FR1968A_TOILDRAN Drainage of toilets H France 1968
FR1975A_TOILSEWR Water drainage for lavoratories H France 1975
FR1982A_TOILSEW Toilet connection H France 1982
DE1971A_PUBSEW Building uses public sewage system H Germany 1971
DE1971A_OTHSEW Building uses other means for sewage disposal H Germany 1971
DE1981A_SEWAGE Type of sewage disposal for building H Germany 1981
GH2010A_SEWER Method of liquid waste disposal H Ghana 2010
GR1971A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal system H Greece 1971
GR1981A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal system H Greece 1981
GR1991A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal system H Greece 1991
GR2001A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal system H Greece 2001
GT1964A_SEWAGE Type of drain H Guatemala 1964
GT1981A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Guatemala 1981
GT1994A_TOILET Sanitary service H Guatemala 1994
GT2002A_TOILET Sanitary service H Guatemala 2002
GT2002A_SEWAGE Type of sanitary service H Guatemala 2002
HN1988A_TOILET Sanitary services H Honduras 1988
HN2001A_TOILET Sanitary services H Honduras 2001
HU1970A_SEWER Sewage system H Hungary 1970
HU1980A_SEWER Sewage system H Hungary 1980
HU1990A_SEWER Sewage disposal system H Hungary 1990
HU2001A_SEWER Sewage disposal H Hungary 2001
HU2011A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H Hungary 2011
ID1980A_TOILET Toilet facility H Indonesia 1980
ID1985A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Indonesia 1985
ID1990A_TOILET Toilet facility H Indonesia 1990
ID1995A_TOILET Toilet facility H Indonesia 1995
ID2005A_TOILET Toilet facility H Indonesia 2005
ID2010A_TOILET Toilet H Indonesia 2010
ID2010A_SEPTIC Sewage disposal H Indonesia 2010
IR2006A_WASTETOI Place of sewage disposal for the housing unit: water closet H Iran 2006
IQ1997A_SEWER Waste water H Iraq 1997
IE1971A_TOILET Sanitary facility H Ireland 1971
IE1981A_TOILET Type of sanitary facilities H Ireland 1981
IE1991A_TOILET Sanitary facilities H Ireland 1991
IE2002A_SEWAGE Sewage facility H Ireland 2002
IE2006A_SEWAGE Sewage facility H Ireland 2006
IE2011A_SEWAGE Sewerage facility H Ireland 2011
IE2016A_SEWAGE Sewerage facility H Ireland 2016
JM1982A_TOILET Toilet facilities, type H Jamaica 1982
JM1991A_TOILET Type of toilet facilities H Jamaica 1991
JM2001A_TOILET Type of toilet facilities H Jamaica 2001
JO2004A_SEWER Type of sewage system H Jordan 2004
KE1989A_SEWAGE Sewage H Kenya 1989
KE1999A_SEWAGE Sewage dispose H Kenya 1999
KE2009A_SEWER Main type of human waste disposal H Kenya 2009
KG1999A_SEWAGE Sewage H Kyrgyz Republic 1999
LR2008A_SEWER Means of human waste disposal H Liberia 2008
ML2009A_SEWER Used water disposal method H Mali 2009
MX1960A_SEWER Sewer connection and bath H Mexico 1960
MX1970A_SEWER Sewer connection H Mexico 1970
MX1990A_SEWER Sewer connection H Mexico 1990
MX1995A_SEWAGE Drainage H Mexico 1995
MX2000A_SEWER Sewer H Mexico 2000
MX2005A_SEWER Availability of drainage H Mexico 2005
MX2010A_SEWAGE Means of sewage disposal H Mexico 2010
MX2015A_SEWAGE Means of sewage disposal in this dwelling H Mexico 2015
MA2004A_SEWAGE Toilet facility: sewer / public H Morocco 2004
MA2004A_SEPTIC Toilet facility: septic tank H Morocco 2004
MA2014A_SEWAGE Mode of wastewater disposal H Morocco 2014
NP2001A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H Nepal 2001
NP2011A_TOILET Type of toilet used H Nepal 2011
NI1971A_TOILET Toilet/sewage facilities H Nicaragua 1971
NI1995A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Nicaragua 1995
NI2005A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H Nicaragua 2005
PS1997A_SEWER Sewage connection H Palestine 1997
PS2007A_SEWAGE Connection to sewage network H Palestine 2007
PA1960A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Panama 1960
PA1980A_SEWER Availability of sewer facilities H Panama 1980
PA1990A_SEWER Sewer facilities H Panama 1990
PA2000A_TOILET Type of toilet facilities H Panama 2000
PA2010A_TOILET Type of toilet facilities H Panama 2010
PY2002A_TOILET Sewage H Paraguay 2002
PE1993A_SEWAGE Toilet facilities/sewerage connection H Peru 1993
PE2007A_SEWAGE Dwelling's bathrooms or toilets are connected to system H Peru 2007
PL1988A_SEWAGE Sewage in building H Poland 1988
PL2002A_SEWAGE Sewage in the building H Poland 2002
PT1981A_SEWER Sewage disposal system H Portugal 1981
PT1991A_SEWER Sewage disposal system H Portugal 1991
PT2001A_SEWER Sewage H Portugal 2001
PT2011A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal system H Portugal 2011
PR1970A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H Puerto Rico 1970
PR1980A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H Puerto Rico 1980
PR1990A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H Puerto Rico 1990
RO1977A_SEWER Sewerage installation, dwelling H Romania 1977
RO1992A_SEWAGE Sewage installation H Romania 1992
RO2002A_SEWAGE Sewage installation in the dwelling H Romania 2002
RO2011A_SEWAGE Sewage H Romania 2011
RW2012A_SEWAGE Mode of sewage disposal H Rwanda 2012
LC1980A_TOILET Toilet facilities available H Saint Lucia 1980
LC1991A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Saint Lucia 1991
SN1988A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H Senegal 1988
SN2002A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H Senegal 2002
SN2013A_TOILET Main type of toilet facility H Senegal 2013
ZA2001A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H South Africa 2001
ZA2016A_TOILET Main type of toilet used H South Africa 2016
ES2001A_SEWAGE Removal of waste water H Spain 2001
ES2011A_SEWAGE Elimination of waste H Spain 2011
TG1960A_SEWAGE Waste disposal H Togo 1960
TG2010A_SEWAGE Waste water disposal H Togo 2010
US1960A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H United States 1960
US1970A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H United States 1970
US1980A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H United States 1980
US1990A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H United States 1990
UY1963A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H Uruguay 1963
UY1963A_SEWER Sewerage service H Uruguay 1963
UY1975A_SEWAGE Sewage disposal H Uruguay 1975
UY1985A_TOILET Toilet facility H Uruguay 1985
UY1985A_SEWER Sewage disposal H Uruguay 1985
UY1996A_TOILET Type of toilet H Uruguay 1996
UY1996A_SEWER Sewer system H Uruguay 1996
UY2006A_SEWER Sewage disposal H Uruguay 2006
UY2011A_BATHDW Bathroom in the dwelling H Uruguay 2011
UY2011A_SEWER Sewage disposal H Uruguay 2011
VE1971A_TOILET Bathroom waste removal H Venezuela 1971
VE1981A_TOILET Waste elimination H Venezuela 1981
VE1990A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Venezuela 1990
VE2001A_SEWER Removal of excretion H Venezuela 2001
VN1989A_TOILET Toilet facility H Vietnam 1989
VN1999A_TOILET Type of toilet H Vietnam 1999
ZM1990A_TOILET Type of toilet H Zambia 1990
ZM2000A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Zambia 2000
ZM2010A_TOILET Type of toilet H Zambia 2010